Prayers included in "Breviary"

  The  prayers of this page are selections from the "Book of Lamentations". The translation was done by Thomas J. Samuelian.

  The prayers of this selection are divided into three groups. The first four prayers are included in the "Breviary" of the Armenian Apostolic Church, at the end of the office of the Hour of Rest, and are followed by St Nerses the Grace-filled's famous prayer "I confess with faith".

  One of these prayers ("Accept with sweetness", No. 12) is usually sung. On this page, you can listen to this prayer-song performed by Lusine Ghazaryan and Anahit Papayan, also see the sheet music taken from the book by Nikoghayos Tahmizyan "Gregory of Narek and the Armenian Music of the V-XV Centuries" (Yerevan 1985, in Armenian).

  Two of these prayers (Nos. 12 and 94) are for reading only before retiring to sleep, as required by their contents. The other two (Nos. 41 and 80) can be read at any time. Prayer 41 ("Son of the living God") is perhaps the most popular prayer of Narekatsi among the faithful of the Armenian Church.

"Son of the living God" (Prayer 41), Concise Breviary (for merchants), St. Petersburg, 1787