The Sledge was Coming Down (tagh for Resurrection)

Let us glorify and praise
the wonder of the Resurrection of Christ.

The chariot is sent from the mountain Massis
and in it are benches.

And in it also a golden throne.
And on the throne, vermilion brocade.
And on the brocade the son of the king.
And on his right, seraphim with six wings.
And on the left, cherubim with wide eyes.
And in front, perfect children
holding the cross of the Lord.
And also in their hands, psalms and lyres.
And they are singing praises:
Glory to the all-conquering, resurrection of Christ.

The small chariot comes.
It comes to a stop.
And it does not move now.
The wheels of the chariot do not turn.
On the chariot we see one hundred stalks of iris,
six rows of honey lotus and one small bouquet of violets.
From the right slopes of the mountain
the small chariot halts.
It does not move.
The wheels do not turn.
Shafts of the chariot are silver,
the yoke is gold and the reins are silk.
The straps are studded with pearls
and the small chariot does not move.
The peasant driver is young and skillful.
He is lithe and strong of arm.
He is blond and wide shouldered.
His voice is forceful.
He is shouting at the oxen
And calling from the small chair.
If the oxen are amber and white,
they are decked with flowers.
Their feet are swift.
Their horns are like crosses decked with pearls.
And the small chariot starts to move.
The wheels turn, the shaft pulls
the heart of the chariot.
And the boy urges the oxen onward.

The chariot is the second law of Moses in Sinai
And the hundred stalks of iris
are the elders and prophets.
The six rows of honey lotus
are the six days of work of God.
And the one bouquet of violets
is the unified trinity.
And the blond boy is John the Baptist.
And the four benches of the chariot,
The gospels of Christ.

The chariot advances, coming rumbling, roaring,
from the right slopes of Massis.
And the clattering creaking chariot enters
Jerusalem and the sons of the new Zion
sing, sing Glory to the resurrection of Christ.

Source: Anthology of Armenian Poetry, ed. and trans. Diana Der Hovanessian and Marzbed Margossian (New York 1987), pp. 50-51.

G. Narekatsi, Tagh for Resurrection The Sledge was Coming Down performed by Khoren Palian.
Recording of the studio “Vem”