Avun Avun (tagh for Resurrection)

The Bird, the Bird, awakened,
Looking at the heathen,
Was calling, calling the Turtle-dove,
His tender Beloved.
Return, return, O Shunnamite,
To the shadow of the rock.
Come from the mountains of leopards, O Bride,
From the fields of roes.
They are coming, coming, gathering
In Bethel's Ephraim.
Going, going out to the arenas
Of the garden of Kidron.
He trod grapes
In the colour, in the colour of blood,
Wood was put into [His] bread.
He killed his immolations.
He mingled in wine
Sweet libations.
A cup was offered
To invite to the wedding.
Invitation to the wedding:
Come, new people,
Eat of My bread
And drink of My wine,
That you may live in infinite,
Endless ages.
Literally translated by Seda Stamboltsyan

G. Narekatsi, tagh for Resurrection Avun Avun performed by Lusine Zakarian.
Recording of the studio “Vem”. 

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