Charming Rose (tagh for Vardavar)

The misted rose has drawn a veil
Against the bold rays of the sun.
Above, on the sun's rays,
The sea-born flower spreads.
From the vast ocean
Shines the flower's bright color.
And in the branches shimmer
The fruits of the splendid flower,
The golden ripe fruit
Protected by the leafy denseness,
The harp-shaped leaf
Sung by David the Wondrous.
In the bouquet of many-hued roses
Blooms a rainbow of vivid buds,
And in the cypress and poplar trees
Life-flushed branches move free,
And among the cypress shoots
The rose blossoms out and tints the lily.
The lily shimmers against the sun,
The northern breeze
Fans the gemlike lily,
The sweet air from the southern hills
Gently dews the lily,
The lily is laden with dew,
With soft and beaming rays.
All the flowers glow with dew,
As the dew from the clouds, the clouds from the sun.
Drifts of clustered stars
Circle, as balls around the moon,
Ball upon ball, cross-shaped clusters of balls
Shape of compass fashioned in the heavens.
Glory to Father and Son forever.
To the Holy Spirit, now and through all time.

Source: Armenian Poetry Old and New: A Bilingual Anthology, trans. and ed. Aram Tolegian (Detroit 1979), p. 39.

Tagh for Vardavar by Narekatsi Charming Rose performed by Hasmik Gasparian

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