Terrible Voice (tagh for the Holy Cross)

I am speaking of the voice of the Lion
Who was roaring on the four-winged cross.
He roared on the four-winged cross,
And his voice reached Hell.

Hell trembled and was shaken
by that dreadful voice.
That dreadful voice which I heard
is destroying the fortresses I have.
It wants to destroy my fortresses
And set the captives free.
I bless the captives
Who were looted by the Lion.
They were looted by the Lion
But they don't expect to be tortured.
They don't expect to be tortured,
They expect the infinite crown.
They receive a round crown
From the Lion, the King immortal.
Let's glorify the Saviour
Who saved the captives from the dungeon.
Translated by Seda Stamboltsyan, edited by Sally Cotrel

G. Narekatsi, Tagh for the Holy Cross Terrible Voice performed by Lusine Zakarian.
Recording of the studio “Vem”. 

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