Eyes Like Sea (tagh for the Holy Virgin)

Her eyes gaze
Over the sparkling morning sea
Like two bright orbed suns,
While the dew settles from the dawn.
Her pomegranate-hued cheeks are like flowers,
And elegant is the laurel plant
Through whose stem
Blooming love whispers to the flower's heart.
Her smooth arms arched over her head, she sings
Sweetly, pleasingly, harmoniously;
Ever weaving melody into melody,
She moves calmly, with a splendid gait.
Her mouth, fashioned as two leaves, spills roses from its lips,
Her tongue is tuneful as a harp;
Her braided beautiful hair, adorned with rosemary,
Takes on the dark hue of life-giving wine.
Her lovely hair, her lovely thrice-plaited hair,
Ever tenderly frames her face.
Her bright bosom is strewn with red roses,
Her wrists garlanded with sprays of purple violets.
With a holy fire, the censer gives up its perfume.
Its chains echoing melodious sounds.
She is dressed in a shimmering cloak-
Lovely, blue, gem laced, and golden-
In a tunic brilliant with gold.
Her belt of shining silver, edged with gilt.
Sapphire encrusted, was worked into arabesques;
When she moves, her motions are bright;
Light sparkles around her feet.
To that King, to that new born Savior,
To Him who adorned thee, glory forever, Amen.

Source: Armenian Poetry Old and New: A Bilingual Anthology, trans. and ed. Aram Tolegian (Detroit 1979), p. 41.

G. Narekatsi, Tagh for the Holy Virgin performed by Lusine Zakarian. 
Recording of the studio “Vem”.

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