God Eternal

Eternal God, almighty, doer of good,
creator of light and inventor of night,
life in death and light in the darkness,
hope for the expectant and patient with the doubters,
who with your ingenious wisdom
turns the darkness of death into morning,
dawn that does not dim, sun that does not set.
The dark of the night is not able to cover the glory
of your Lordship, before which all creation
kneels constantly in worship,
those in heaven and on earth, and those confined in hell.
You who hear the sighs of those who are bound,
and who attend to the prayers of the humble,
and receive their supplications,
my God and my king,
my life and my refuge,
my hope and my confidence,
Jesus Christ, O God of all,
holiness that dwells in the souls of the saints,
consolation for the afflicted and pardon for sinners,
you who know all things before they happen,
send the protective strength of your right hand
and save me from the terror of the night and
evil demons, so that always embracing your awesome
memory and your holy name
on the lips of my soul and with the desires of my breath,
I might be saved and protected along with those
who call to you with all their hearts.
And by the seal of the sign of your cross,
which you renewed by staining it with your divine blood,
and by the same grace of your fatherhood,
with which you baptized us,
and in the glory of your image, in which you fashioned and created us,
with these divine gifts,
may Satan be confounded and his machinations foiled,
may his snares be removed and his forces be defeated,
may his sharp edged weapons be ineffective,
may his fog be lifted, his darkness dispelled, his
shadow withdrawn.
May your arm shield me and your right hand seal me,
for you are compassionate and merciful,
and your servants are called by your name.
To you with the Father and your Holy Spirit,
glory and power forever and ever.

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