The Appearance of the Holy Mother of God to Narekatsi


Once Saint Grigor Narekatsi went to the region of Reshtunik, climbed a mountain, entered a cavern in front of the monastery of his uncle and stayed there for seven years. He prayed begging mercy from God. Nobody recognized him. Once the Holy Mother of God Mary came and ordered him to go to Jerusalem to bow low to the grave of Christ. The Saint answered her:
– Who are you to tell me that? 
Mary answered:
– I am the mother of Jesus Christ.
Narekatsi told her:
– I won’t believe that it is really true, until I see her in the same glory in which she was seen by the three Magi when they brought their presents.
In the following morning the Holy Mother of God appeared to him in an indescribable glory bearing the child Jesus in her arms. Grigor fall on his knees and weeping composed the meghedi “Eyes like Sea”. The shining light descended on the sea and lightened the cavern, and then the Mother of God told him:
– I shall give you grace and power to realize many miracles, to expel demons, to heal people and animals from sickness and illness. Everybody, for whom you will intercede, will get remission of sins. If a woman is sterile, she will give birth to a son by your blessing and will get favor of God. And people will be saved from many other misfortunes.
Grigor’s uncle, seeing a bright light in the cavern, decided to go and see what was going on there. Seeing his nephew, he was astonished, prostrated himself before him and took him to the monastery. Some days later, Grigor decided to go to Jerusalem. He reached the holy town of Jerusalem, passed round all the sacred places, kissed all them with hot tears, until he reached the Holy Sepulcher and seeing it, he bowed low. Having realized his wish, he returned in Armenia.    

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 10r – 11v

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