Narekatsi Shepherd, the Miracle of the Plate and the Ring


Grigor Narekatsi was a shepherd and worked for someone. Once, his master went to Jerusalem in pilgrimage. Some time later, the housewife cooked food and eating it, she said to herself: “If only this food were now before my husband”. Grigor said: “Give me this plate, I shall immediately take it to Jerusalem…” Taking the plate, he disappeared at the same moment. Towards the evening he reached Jerusalem and giving the plate to his master, he told him what had happened. The master did not believe Narekatsi’s words. To prove the truth, Grigor told him: “Keep this plate and give me your ring”. Taking it, in the morning he got next to the master’s wife. She did not believed Narekatsi either, thinking that her husband had forgotten the ring at home. But when the husband came back and the plate was found in his luggage, they were convinced that their shepherd was a saint. They called Grigor and, with great honors, freed him from his service.

Source: H. Narlian, The life of Narekati in “Arevelk”, 1893, f. 2758.

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