The Miracle of the Three Letters and the Cotton


There were two archimandrites in the city of Sis. They heard about the deeds of Saint Grigor, they poured water in a small basket and sent it to Narekatsi. But Saint Grigor took combed cotton in his hand and put a spark of fire to it. He filled a box with water, put the cotton with fire into it, put the lid on it and sent it to the two archimandrites with three letters. When they opened the first letter and read it, everybody, young or old, became white bearded. When they read the second letter, it was spring and it turned into autumn, sources and rivers were dried, old and young people got black and their faces were altered. So, they begged pardon from the Saint archimandrite. And when they read the third one, which was a blessing, the color and the aspect of all on them were restored. When they opened the box, they saw the cotton, the fire and the water together, but the cotton was not burnt, nor was the fire gone out. They were afraid, astonished and blessed God.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 15v-16v.

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