Narekatsi Shepherd, the Persil Cross


Narekatsi was shepherd near the monitor of the village of Dzevik. Once in the field, while he was grazing his master’s lambs, he cut a big Persil branch, gave the form of a cross to it and brought it to show his forty two shepherd friends. They began to worship the Persil Cross. Suddenly, the cross jumped out the hand of Grigor, seated itself on the flower bed and began to shine. The same night the village priest got in his dream the order to bring home from the field the Persil Cross. At dawn the priest obeyed the order and bringing home the cross, put it in a special place. The cross filled the priest’s house with infinite light. One night the village messenger visited the priest and learning from him the secret of the Persil Cross, revealed it to the monitor. The latter sent people to the priest house and they robbed the Persil Cross and brought to the monitor’s house. The same night the cross stopped to shine and in the morning it entered the well near the place where Narekatsi used to pray. 

Source: H. Narlian, The life of Narekati in “Arevelk”, 1893, f. 2758.

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