Grigor Gardener, Increasing of the Crop


Saint Grigor went to the Holy Cross of Aparank and he was the gardener of that monastery for two years. Once a day they harvested in the garden and in the following morning they saw that the crop has increased. The workers went secretly to the garden at night and they saw that kneeling Grigor was praying with his arms stretched to the heaven. Abundant light was coming out from the saint’s mouth and then returned again to his mouth.
Seeing this, the workers were astonished and went to tell the archimandrite. The latter stood up and went to see. Seeing the miracle, he bowed low before Grigor, brought him to the monastery and served him as a God’s angel. But Grigor said in his mind; “Nobody should know about my deeds, I cannot stay here any more”. So he left. 

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 9r-9v.

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