Narekatsi and the Merciless Monitor


Saint Grigor was sitting on the prior’s seat and was continuously teaching people. The village monitor Gorg, who had forty workers working for him, never went praying in the church. Waiting until Sunday, Narekatsi told him:
– Why don’t you come to the church?
The other one said:
– I have many workers, if I leave them alone, they will not work, but I don’t want them not to work on Sundays. 
The Saint said:
– If you have them working on Sundays, the devil will have your soul.
Gorg was offended by this and riding his horse he went to Vostan. He brought two Kurds and sent them to the archimandrite. They brought chains and put them on the feet of the archimandrite and hanged him head down for three days in the church. By the saint’s prayer the chains melted and the archimandrite was freed. When the Kurds saw this, they left for their places. Some days later Gorg died at night without communion. In the morning people came to give the news to the archimandrite. Hearing it, he said:
– The earth will not accept his body.
Gorg was buried and in the same evening they saw Gorg’s body on the earth. During seven days they buried him thrice a day, but the earth did not accept him. His family and the people came weeping to bow low before the Saint and brought him to the dead. At that moment Grigor mentioned the name of God, he made the Cross sign on him and the dead was resurrected at that very moment. He bowed low before the archimandrite. He thrice begged merci from God. The Saint gave him remission of sins and then, when the dead got peace, the earth accepted him.  

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 14r-15v.

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