The Holy Mother of God appeared to St Grigor


– St Grigor got up and went to the region of Rshtunik, climbed the mountain, entered the cave in front of his uncle's monastery and stayed there for seven years, praying and begging for mercy. No human being recognized him. One day, St Mary, the God-bearer Mother of the Lord, appeared to him and ordered him to go to Jerusalem to worship at the tomb of Christ. The saint said to her:
– Who are you to say such a thing to me?
Mary answered:
– I am the mother of Jesus.
Grigor said:
– I will not believe that it is you, if I don’t see you in the same glory that the three kings of the magi saw when they were offering their gifts.
The next day, in the morning, the God-bearer Mother of the Lord descended in an ineffable glory, holding the divine Child in her arms. Grigor knelt down and weeping sang the hymn Achk’n twov in her honour. A strong light shone on the sea and the cave, and the Mother of God spoke to St Grigor, saying:
– I shall give you grace and authority to work many miracles, to expel demons and cure every disease and malady of people and animals. Those who trust your intercession will be freed of their debts. If a woman is barren, she will bear a son through your intercession and find mercy from God. And they will be set free from many troubles.
Grigor's uncle, seeing the light shining on the cave, went to see what was there inside. Seeing the son of his sister, he became astonished, fell before his feet, then took him to the monastery. After several days, Grigor decided to go to Jerusalem. He reached the holy city of Jerusalem and visiting all the holy places, he kissed all of them with warm tears, until he reached the tomb of Christ. Seeing Christ on the tomb, he worshipped Him. After completing his pilgrimage, he returned to Armenia.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 10r -11r

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