An angel in the appearance of a paralytic, and St Grigor's compassion


One day an angel came and pretended to be a paralyzed and wounded man. He said to Narekatsi:
– Grigor, I beg you, put me upon your back and take me to Paykhener, I'm wounded and can't [do it myself].
Grigor said:
- Very well. Let the cattle stay here and I’ll take you there.
Grigor took the wounded man upon his back and took him to Paykhener. The man said:
– This isn’t our village. Take me to Norgegh.
Grigor took him to Norgegh, but the man said:
This isn't our village either.
Grigor took him out of that place and said:
–  Then where should I take you?
– Take me to Dzakhavants. –
– Grigor took him there. But the paralytic said again:
- I beg you, this isn’t our village either, take me from here to Patakants.
Grigor took him from that place also to Kaghazich. In short, he took him to seven villages and never put him down on the ground.
The paralytic said:
– Take me back to the place, where you put me upon your back.
Grigor took him there, by the cattle. The old man came down, became a youth and said:
- Grigor, I'm an angel. I was testing you; I tortured you very much. May God bless your birth. God will hear whatever you say. God accepted what you did. You became a herdsman for seven years and became more acceptable before God than an ascetic. You never said to an ox: “Bad ox”, nor did you ever curse. Any sick man upon whom you put your hand, if he should live, he will live, and if he should die, he will die. May your father and mother be commemorated through you. Leave your cattle herding and go learn to read and write. When you take one, you shall learn a thousand.
– He blessed Grigor and departed.

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