Miracles that happened to a child through St Grigor's intercession


There was a man from Aghtamar, whose name was Andreas. He had a barren wife, and they did not have children. He took his wife and came to St Grigor’s grave in order to ask the saint to grant a son to them. Through the intercession of St Grigor, God granted them a son. They were very happy and baptized him with the name Grigor. When the child turned seven, his father and mother decided to take him to the saint’s grave. They got into a boat and on the Saturday of the [feast] of Vardavar, they reached the middle of the sea. By the influence of the evil one, a wind rose and carried the boat against Arjesh, in front of Gharakashish. The child fell into the sea. His father and mother wept greatly, until their eyes became blind. After they got out on land, they searched for the body of their child everywhere but did not find it. With sorrow and bitter weeping they returned home. They waited until the next Vardavar. The villagers said to Andreas:
- Your son fell into the sea and died. You became blind because of crying. Let us go to the grave of the saint, so that he may open your eyes.
They arrived at the mill of the monastery. Some children went ahead to kiss the saint’s grave. Opening the door, they saw the water-soaked child Grigor sitting on the grave and became astonished. They returned joyfully and gave the good news to his parents: “Your child is alive and is on the grave of the saint”. The parents did not believe it, until they came to their son. Seeing him, they said to him:
– Tell us what happened to you.
He said:
- When I fell into the sea, a disguised [demon] seized me and wanted to choke me in the sea. At that time Grigor Narekatsi appeared, holding a staff in his hand, and rebuked the disguised demon and set me free from his hand. He took me, went down to the bottom of the sea, struck the ground with the staff and spread his mantle on the staff, thus making a tent, and the water stood like an arch over me. He made the sign of the cross in all four directions, and there became light. I was resting as if in a luminous palace. He said to me: “Stay here, until I go and grant the requests of pilgrims”. He returned on Monday and brought two consecrated wafers to me, I ate and gathered strength. So every Saturday he would bring me two consecrated wafers. Then today he said to me: “Your father and mother are coming as pilgrims to my grave. Let me take you to them”. And he took me out of the sea, and suddenly I found myself on his grave. With his handkerchief in his hand he made me understand: “You shall open the eyes of your parents with this”.
When [the parents] kissed the holy handkerchief, their eyes opened. And all those who saw or heard this, became amazed and they glorified God and the Saint Archimandrie Narekatsi.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 19v - 21v

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