Grigor as a pilgrim: Resurrection of the dead builder


Grigor went to Nisibis to [visit] the grave of Patriarch Jacob of Nisibis. When he reached the river Tigris, near Jezira, where many rivers unite with the Tigris and where there was a bridge on one of the sections, called the Bavtu Bridge, Grigor seeing it, became amazed and when crossing it, asked forgiveness of sins and kingdom for the builder of the bridge. The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said:
– The builder of this was a heathen. He died and is in Hell. But if you wish that God may grant him the Kingdom, resurrect the dead one! His grave is near the bridge. After showing its place, the [angel] departed.
Grigor went and stood above the grave, prayed to God and made the sign of the cross over the body that had turned into earth. By the command of God, the dead man rose immediately. Grigor taught him to confess and worship God and immediately baptizing him, he made him a son of God. Grigor again made the sign of the cross over him, and the latter’s body immediately turned into earth, while the soul was sent to Adam's Paradise.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 11vr - 12r

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