Grigor as a shepherd: Helping a debtor


St Grigor went in secret to Nerkin Gazokh, Artske, in the region of Bznunik. There was a poor and indebted man in that village. He couldn’t pay whatever worker or herdsman he hired, as the debtees would come and take all he had and there remained nothing to give to workers. That is why no worker would go to him any longer. Seeing Grigor, this man said to the youngster:
– Come to me as a herdsman, and I shall give you 10 ghurush. Grigor said:
– I will not become your worker for money. But if you promise to come to church three times a day and pray, I will be your worker for no payment.
The man promised to pray. And Grigor stayed with him for three years. By Grigor’s prayers, that man became rich and owned a lot of sheep, cattle, horses and ploughs. He became very rich and got rid of his debts.
Meanwhile, uncle Anania was sorrowfully searching for Grigor everywhere. Roaming, he reached the village of Gazokh and delivered a sermon to the people. He used grammar as its subject, but then he did not speak about grammatical style, but he spoke about confession and repentance. When the sermon was over and people went out and said: “He delivered a good sermon”, Grigor said:
- It was good, but the speech did not stay on the topic of grammar.
The man, whose worker Gregory was, went to the archimandrite and said:
– Is it true that Your Reverence delivered a sermon, using grammar as the subject, but then you did not stay on topic?
Archimandrite Anania became astonished [and asked] who was the one who had understood such a thing and [the man] said:
– It was my worker.
– Archimandrite Anania asked:
– Where is your worker from?
– The man said:
– He is a stranger, and I don’t know who he is.
Anania said:
   – What is his name?
–  Grigor, answered the man.
Archimandrite Anania understood from this that it was his nephew and said:
– Show him to me!
– The man took the archimandrite to Grigor. Seeing him, Anania recognized him, crying, kissed him and took him to the church, rejoicing over him.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 5v, 7r

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