The miracles of the child Grigor


On another day, they were digging a ditch to bring a stream for the monastery. The stream flow reached a huge stone, stopped there, and the [workers] were unable to get the stream past it. Archimandrite Yeghishe said:
– Grigor, go to the worker and find a way to get rid of that huge stone.
St Grigor went and saw that the stone was very big and it was impossible to get the stream past it by human effort. In the evening, the other workers returned to the monastery, while Grigor remained there. The archimandrite asked them the whereabouts of Grigor, and they said:
– He remained in that place.
In the evening the archimandrite went to see what the child Gregory was doing. He went and saw that Gregory had knelt before the stone, with spread hands, and was praying to God. When he made the sign of the cross over the stone, immediately it was split, so Gregory got the water through and brought it to the monastery. When Archimandrite Yeghishe saw this, he glorified God, while the child Gregory said in his mind: “It wasn’t necessary that he knew my works”.
Gregory left for the region of Rshtunik, to his uncle Anania Shirakvantsi who was the abbot of a monastery. Archimandrite Anania said to Grigor:
– Get up, my son, take bread to the workers in the wheat field.
Gregory took the bread and went to the workers. The latter began to eat and said to Gregory:
– Come, you eat too!
Grigor said:
– It’s not my time for dinner. You eat and keep my portion.
But they ate and did not leave a portion for Grigor. They said:
–  We are thirsty. Go bring water for us.
When he went, they gathered some droppings in secret, put them inside an apron, folded it and placed it on the table, while they themselves went to mow. [Grigor] brought the water, gave it to the workers, and the latter said:
– Go eat your portion! See, we have left it for you.
Gregory went, pulled the table to himself and recalling the name of God, the saint made the sign of the cross over the [folded apron], opened it and saw bread there, while the workers were laughing at him secretly. But seeing the miracle, they became frightened and astonished and fell at St Grigor’s feet. They left their mowing, came to the archimandrite and told him about the miracle worked by Grigor.

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