Water sprung from a rock


Two archimandrites went to see Grigor Narekatsi. St Grigor, learning about their arrival through the Spirit, after rising in the morning said to the monks: “Today two archimandrites are coming here. Tell them Grigor has gone to take bread to the shepherd”. And he put on shepherd’s clothes and went to become a shepherd for the sheep. When they came and asked: “Where is the archimandrite?”, the monks answered: “He has gone to take bread to the shepherd”. They went and saw the shepherd of the sheep and asked him where the archimandrite was. The shepherd said: “He brought bread for me and went to the side of the plough”. They asked the shepherd for water. And he said: “Stay here with the sheep, until I go and bring water”. He went to a rocky place in the valley. The saint called the name of God, he hit the rock with his staff and water sprung out. He filled the pot with water and brought it to the archimandrites. They took and drank it, and by the saint’s prayers, the water did not diminish in the pot. So they gave it back to the shepherd in its fullness. The shepherd said: “You were not thirsty; why did you ask for water and not drink it?” They said: “We drank a lot, but the grace of your archimandrite was in the water, that is why it did not diminish”. Then they said: “Get up, let’s go and you will show archimandrite Grigor [to us]”. The shepherd got up and made the sign of the cross over the mountain. Two wolves came and entered into the sheep of the shepherd. The shepherd said: “You pasture the sheep and I will go and show archimandrite Grigor Narekatsi [to these archimandrites]. “He took the [guests], came to the plough and asked the ploughmen about what happened to the archimandrite. They said: “He went to the monastery”. And he said: “Let’s go to the monastery and I will show him to you”. He took [the archimandrites], entered the yard and said: “Stay here, until I go and tell him to come out to you”. He went to his cell, put on the robe of an archimandrite and went out, greeted the archimandrites, then took them in and made them sit.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 16r and 17r

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