Grigor Narek as a shepherd: Dung turns into bread


There was a time when Grigor Narekatsi was a son of a poor man and was a shepherd. He worked as a shepherd for seven years. There was a stubborn ox among his cattle. During those seven years, not once did he say : "You have caused trouble", nor did he ever once curse. Every time the shepherds were playing, he would separate from them, sit and pray.

One day when the shepherds were hungry, he went and gathered some dung, brought it and called the name of God over it, and the dung became fresh warm bread. In this way he once or twice brought bread to the shepherds, and they ate. The shepherds were amazed and asked:

- Grigor, please [tell us], from where do you bring this fresh warm bread?

He said:

- I go and bring it from home, and you do not notice.

However, the shepherds were skeptical. They came to the village and told others about this. They asked Gregory, but he did not confess.

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