Grigor Narekatsi as a pilgrim: Resurrection of a dead man


Grigor left for [the monastery] of St John the Baptist to venerate his holy grave. After accomplishing his pilgrimage, he went to the town of Mush. While passing through, he saw that a dead man was being carried; an old man was plucking his beard, an old woman was taking out her braids, a bride with a veiled face was walking behind, and other people too, and they were crying very much. Grigor asked the reason why they were crying, and they said: “This man was the caretaker of his mother and father and only seven days had passed since his marriage, and he died”. The saint, seeing their bitter tears, followed them to the burial place and there, recalling with tears the name of God, made the sign of the cross over the dead one, and the latter immediately rose. Seeing this all fell at Grigor’s feet and glorified God.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 7v and 7r

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