Revival of doves


Some envious persons spoke evil about Grigor Narekatsi before some bishops and princes. The princes and the bishops gathered and, wanting to surrender him to a tribunal, sent people to Grigor in order to take him to court. Gregory received the summoners in meekness and, before setting off, invited them to eat, putting two roasted doves before them. It was a Friday, and the summoners reminded him of it. Grigor asked them to forgive him for forgetting that it was a fasting day and told the guests to order the doves to fly away. Of course, the guests were unable to do that. So Grigor himself gave the order, and the doves came to life and took flight. The guests, seeing the holiness of Grigor Narekatsi with their own eyes, were frightened and the accusation was dropped.

Source: Yervand Lalayants, Vaspurakan (Ethnographic Review, book 26, Tiflis, 1916, p. 94).

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