St. Grigor revives an ox


Grigor Narekatsi was the son of Khosrow and of Anania Narekatsi’s sister. When he was a child of seven, he was given as a pupil to the holy Archimandrite Yeghishe of the region of Moks, who was the abbot of the monastery of Holy Mother of God of Kochoghats. Grigor advanced day by day in divine wisdom and virtue, and from childhood he worked great miracles. One day, the other deacons of the holy Vardapet Yeghishe came to him and told him that the child Grigor was working miracles “and we are all astonished”.

The Archimandrite decided to test him. One day the ox of the monastery fell from a rock and died. Archimandrite Yeghishe said to Grigor: “Go to such and such place. The ox is there, bring it!” The child Grigor went and saw that the ox was dead. He called the name of God over the ox, made the sign of the cross over it, and by the order of God, the ox came to life. And Grigor brought it to the archimandrite.

Source: Mat. Ms. 9861, f. 3r and 3v.

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