St Grigor revives some chickens and a hen


In recent times, a Kurd governed over the village of Narek. This Kurd gave a broody hen to one of his villagers to set it on eggs. After a while chicks hatched from the eggs and the hen was strolling with her offsprin. Being afraid of the rain, she ran with her chicks and went under a grindstone, which leaned against a wall. By the influence of evil forces, the grindstone fell on the hen and crushed her with the chicks. The woman who was given the broody hen, being afraid of the Kurd and putting her hope in God and St Grigor's prayers, placed the dead hen and the crushed chicks in a sieve made of robes, and took them with faith to St Gregory's grave and left them there, while she herself returned to her sorrowful work, constantly entreating God and St Gregory. After an hour, she saw the hen cackling and coming with the revived chicks. she glorified God and the reviver of the chicken, Archimandrite St Grigor.

Source: Synaxary, 1706


Once a woman went to milk the cow. She had set a hen on eggs and the chicks had just hatched. She came back from milking and saw that the chicks were there, while the hen had disappeared. She started to look for it and found it dead in the tonir (a cylindrical oven constructed in a pit inside the ground_Tr.). She took out the hen, sat and started to cry, saying: "What shall I do with the chicks? Let me take them to Grigor who is said to be a wonderworker; maybe he will find a solution for my hen."

She filled her lap with the chicks, took the hen, and weeping went to Gregory. She was crying and saying:

- Grigor, for the sake of God, such a thing has happened, we have heard of your wonderworking.

Grigor said to the woman:

- Mother, stop crying. Open your lap.

The woman opened her lap, Grigor called the name of God three times, made the sign of the cross and said:

- Throw them on the ground; let me see.

She threw them on the ground and as soon as had she done it, than the hen passed to the front of the chicks and led them.

The woman knelt in order to kiss Grigor's feet. Grigor said:

- Do not utter a word. Take the hen and go.

The woman took the hen and went.

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