Folk stories about St Grigor Narektsi

  Since the Middle Ages, the Armenian people have narrated stories about St Grigor.

  Below you will find such stories translated into English for the first time (translated by Seda Stamboltsyan, edited by Sally Cotrel). The original Armenian texts of the stories were published in the book "Awandapatum" by Ashot Ghanalanyan (Yerevan, 1969). Some of them are in Classical Armenian, some in one of the dialects of the region of Vaspurakan and some in Eastern Armenian. The stories were also given titles for them to be differentiable and easily findable.

  As you will see in some of these stories, it is told that St Gregory was a  shepherd. This topic, alongside with some of these stories were used in the feature film The Shepherd (Gregory of Narek) (2012).








Painting ("Mother of God of Narek") by Harutyun Ajemian (Ariel) (1904-1965).


The painting is based on the last story presented here, which tells about the appearance of the Mother of God to Gregory of Narek.