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Narekatsi is exceptional.

What means his exceptionality? He is anachronistic; he has surpassed his time, absorbing all the best and most valuable, present and future. Narekatsi is the point of closure of irreplaceable pages of Armenian literature and times (from the songs of Gokhtan to his own time, the 10th century). Narekatsi's creations are saturated with subtle nuances, ideas of the Renaissance and prove that Grigor Narekatsi marked the birth of a new era with his linguistic thinking and skill, anticipating European thinkers.

This prominent representative of mysticism and the Armenian Renaissance drew with great skill parallels between secular and spiritual, pagan and Christian, giving them the status of reconciliation and harmony, while acquiring universal significance. Therefore, it is not by chance that the life, work and peculiarities of Grigor Narekatsi will be summed up here.
The tales, broadcasts and articles found in the website will bring Narekatsi close to you, and his “taghs”, “gandzes” and the Book of Lamentation, with its multilingual translations and interpretations, will open before you all layers of Narekatsi’s creativity, its beauty, with the freshness characteristic of the Renaissance, and its deep content.

The sections of the site and its content will be periodically refreshed and replenished. Giving a long-lasting character to this work, our team has for aim to create a scientific area where Narekatsi will be presented from all sides, where it will be possible not only to read it, but also to create scientific articles, draw conclusions, etc.

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